• About Alexis

    Born a Hooiser but raised a Marylander, Alexis has a passion for all things
    filmmaking, and has been working since she started singing lessons at age 9.
    Around a year later, she discovered the joys of carrying around her grandma

    Carmelita's video-camera and making home movies. She has been non-stop since.


    She graduated with a B.S. in Electronic Media and Film Production from Towson

    University. During her college career, she also studied various other topics to feed

    her passion for learning and growth, such as Russian language and IT infrastructure.


    Currently, in addition to honing her acting and filmmaking, she is perfecting her

    sushi making skills, Russian language conversation, and learning the basics of Tagalog. 


    No project is too big or small: Alexis loves the work of an artist.