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    International attention

    "SOMETHING - AMERICAN" creates a buzz in Portugal.


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    Lions' Den

    A short film starring Alexis Barone and Lyon Beckwith ("Wonder Woman: 1984").


    Currently in post-production.


    Director: Alexis Barone

    Producers: Dave Bonnett, Florentino Gregorio, Monica Gregorio

    It's the special things in life

    Alexis and Vlad became engaged to be married on February 9th, 2020.

    A Comedy of Horrors: Vol. 1

    I'm so excited about this project! I got to do a TON of improvisation work for this horror/comedy movie. Check back for a release date!

    P.S. That's yours truly in animated form holding the knife ;)

    Interview feature for award-winning

    When I Leave

    "When I Leave" has been making a splash everywhere, and it's no surprise since it's a timely film about women's relationship with abortion.

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